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  • Five layers Filtration

    1st and 5th layer non woven layers : high strength good flexibility, dust proof particles, no adhesive , non toxic.

    2nd and 3rd layer melt brown cloth layers: filter dust effect is good, containing anti static material, low suction resistance, new environmental protection no peculiar smell more healthy.

    4th layer Electrostatic cotton layer: breathable soft and warm, 1 times thicker than normal, strong filtration

    High Elastic Band:

    The elastic band is design to fit well in comfortable to wear with out stress behind ears.

    Filter purpose:

    To prevent excessive buildup of moisture inside the mask area, the exhaler will not fully blow out the air but partial airflow will ensure that there is less sweat and moisture buildup inside the mask area. Most of the exhaled air will go out through the upper nose side. Suitable for people wearing spectacles.

    Nose Clip:

    Nose clip for better grip, better stability of the mask on face to prevent falling.


    The mask can be disinfected and reused with a suitable disinfectant. However the integrity of the mask will deteriorate over time with washing. For front line professionals wash and reusing is not advised.

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